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A Taste of Africa from the Kakira Sugar Estate

Kakira Spirits was started on the Kakira Sugar Estate, established in 1930 by the Madhvani Family in the Jinja Region of Uganda. All the products offered are produced from sugar cane, specifically the molasses left over from the sugar production. At the core of the brand, it was started to decrease waste and carbon footprint during the sugar making process and increase revenue. Since then Kakira has grown substantially; producing award winning spirits & creating a charitable fund for the local environment, wildlife, and water conservation in Uganda.

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Highest Quality &
Locally Sourced

The ethanol facility produces 6,000 liters of ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol) an hour, equating to 20 million proof gallons a year. If the product is not at the highest point of purity, or proof, it is put back into the still to be rectified again.

Sugar cane is crushed and processed into light brown and dark brown sugar, leaving a large amount of molasses behind. This is fermented and either pot distilled into our Kakira Silver Rum or put through the column stills for ENA to be blended into Kakira Vodka.

Kakira Gin is the same base ENA but then steeped and pot distilled again after a 16 hour maturation with locally grown botanicals. Besides the juniper (sourced from Italy) our black pepper, cardamon, orange, coriander, lemongrass, and ginger are all grown on the Kakira Farm for production of Kakira Gin.

Kakira Spirits, USA & Kakira Distillery

Standing for Fair Labor Practices, Environmental Conservation, Sustainability & Supporting Local Communities

Kakira Farm
Sourced Cane
Supported People
in the Jinja Region
Acres of Sugar Cane
Cane Fiber
Powered Farm

The 45,000 acre estate grows a large majority of the cane they use for sugar production, but the outsourcing project helps to employ 150,000 farmers in the area. After the cane is pressed, the fibers are dried and burned to power the electrical plant on the farm and then redistributed into the fields for nutrient addition to the cane.

The total amount of electricity produced powers the entire farm, and the nearby cities of Kampala and Entebbe, reaching over 3.5 million people. After the molasses has been fermented and distilled, the stillage is put into bio-fermentation tanks, where the gas created is collected and burned to power the column stills.

Kakira sugar fields

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